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Clamps / Press Bars
Microphone Clamp PC-10 from WindTech

Multi-Position Clamp, 5/8"-27 Male Thread Rotates 90º
Rubber Insert For Flat or Round Surface Mounting
Mounts to most 1.25" Tubes or 1.25" Table Top
Great for Press Conference Podium Mounting

Microphone Table Clamp TMC-3 from WindTech
Table Mount Clamp 5/8"-27 or 3/8"-16 Male Thread
Press Conference Microphone Clamp
Clamp Opens to 1-1/2"


Microphone Stand Headphone Holder MAH-5 from WindTech
Heavy Duty Microphone Stand Clamp
Holds Cables, Headphones etc.
Great for Studio or Broadcast use
Microphone Drum Clamp DMC-2 from WindTech
Drum Mount "C" Style Clamp
With 5/8"-27 Male Thread

Deluxe Microphone Drum Clamp DMC-10 from WindTech 
Professional Adjustable Drum Clamp With Shock
Isolation, 5/8"-27 Male Thread

Triple Microphone Adapter MA-358 from WindTech
Triple Microphone Adapter / Press Bar
5/8"-27 Female to Three 5/8"-27 Male Threads

Press Conference Bar or Multi Microphone or Accessory Adapter
Clamps to most microphone stands from .85" (21mm) to 1.18" (30mm)
Adapts to Four 5/8"-27 Male thread with locking nuts


Six Microphone Press Conference Adapter MA-658 from WindTech
Press Conference Bar or Adjustable Stereo Bar
5/8"-27 Female to Six 5/8"-27 Male thread

Microphone Add-On Clamp MSA-1 from WindTech
Add-On Mic Stand Clamp For Additional Microphone
Soft Neoprene foam insert to prevent scratching
Fits Most Stands, 5/8"-27 Male thread


Mini Ball Head with Spring Clamp.

Uses BH-1 Mini Ball Head.
Spring Clamp opens to 1-1/4".

Rubber edge protector to
help prevent scratching.


Mini Ball Head with "C" Clamp.
Uses BH-1 Mini Ball Head. "C" type Clamp
opens to 1-1/4".
Rubber edge protector
to help prevent scratching.
Clamps to flat or curved surface.

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